The best way to grown up in Web Development Edit article

The best way to grown up in Web Development
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It is very common after finish several intensive course as well as bootcamp believe ourselves ready to begin our laboral carrier as a web developer, sometimes it is possible but the most times we found with the merciless reality we barely that we have the basics knowledge to achieve.

By the previous reasons described and another more it arrive us the question, If i have already finish the necessary courses and/or get the context what is the next thing to get that first job?

The answer my friends is simple, build personal projects with the technologies you have learned.

In my personal experience i started with the basics (Html, CSS, JavaScrip, PHP and JQuery), i build some things with these technologies such as: Forms to save employee information, statics web pages and more.

Beyond this i started to know-how about bundle and on that meaning I got a lot of context about the WebPack tool, thanks to that and that i learned previously (Html, CSS, PHP and JavaScript) I could build my first project that manage statics as well as save and render information from a MySQL DataBase this project is Autos Bello

Actually i Have added such knowledge with the most know Library to build User Interfaces (UI) with JavaScript ReactJs with this I could build another project which was about a company who sell agricultural products, Ekofarming

With this little summary that have been my experience in the continuos learning process there are more than evidences that for to keep growing up the answer is Building Personal Projects, currently i am developing until now, the biggest open source project with my current abilities i could build, in which i am using these technologies and/or tools.

I invite you to see more of my works in my GitHub profile.