My university experience

My university experience
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This will be a blog different from the others, in which I will immerse you in the great journey of my process to become a computer engineer.

The beginning

In the middle of 2007 I began my journey at the university, everything was going smoothly, I took all my subjects that the term offered me, I started my university life very well, meeting classmates and other majors with whom I began to interact and All of these experiences gave me a certain understanding of what adult social relationships are.

Disruptions and Challenges

So far everything is normal, but for the second year due to personal reasons and things beyond my control (such as living in a third world country and above all because I had little or no financial intelligence) it was not possible for me to continue my studies, I I saw the need to stop them and focus solely on work.

Work experience

At that time I was working as a photo editor in a studio using Photoshop, where I worked for 4 years. Then I had the opportunity to work as a Georefential information data manager in the company where I currently work. At that time I didn't really know the purpose of my work, simply doing what they told me.

As time went by, just like at the university, I began to interact a lot with my co-workers, creating relationships of great intellectual value, which I still have, but I had not yet been able to decide to reintegrate into university life.

Disruptions and Challenges

I fell into the trap that many young people are fortunate enough to fall into, in my opinion, which is working without graduating in an area related to their career. For several years (2010-2020) I remained in that spiral, I went to work, collected my money, went out one weekend more than another and on Monday I returned to the routine. It was until one of my co-workers who had just started in the company and recently graduated from high school asked me for some advice about the registration process, which encouraged me to move forward with the subjects I had left behind, but I was so mentally focused that in Instead of taking all the ones that were offered to me during the quarter, I only took a few to be as loose as possible. It should be noted that even though not being able to take them, my full-time job would be an impediment.

This form of study meant that despite the long time (4 years 2014-2018) I will reach the end of my student curriculum with only three subjects missing, among which was the final project (monographic). Once again I decided (without any reasonable excuse) to stop my university studies, it should be noted that between the periods of time that I lasted without studying I was on the verge of losing my enrollment, in other words I would have to start my degree again and that meant that at a pace of turtle but surely he will advance until he only has three pending subjects to present, on several occasions he only paid for the reactivation of the registration, even so he will not study that quarter just to avoid losing all the progress he had achieved.

Graduation project

After these events, it lasted until 2020 to teach my last subject (my degree project or monograph). It should be noted that due to the events that everyone already knows happened in the world, I carried out all the research work as well as the preparation and everything that The same entailed remotely, all this while working remotely, it should be noted that at that time if it had not been for that modality I would not have been able to finish university, I found it quite comfortable to work from home and luckily much of the research that I I had to do it or much of it was on the web or I could find it a few kilometers from my home.

By December 2020, I had already presented my degree project or monograph and I felt incredible satisfaction knowing that I only needed to complete the last step, which was to graduate. Again, for reasons beyond my control, especially economic ones, I postponed said event. It was not until recently that thanks to the current position I have in the company that I was able to cover the expenses for my graduation which was celebrated this year in the month of October with which I concluded a step in my life, of which I know in advance, a large part of the Latin American population cannot afford (to go to university).

Final thoughts

Even though you see your goal very far away, one step every day is better than many from time to time, in the end you will achieve it.

  • Going to university is great but leaving it already with experience in the career you chose and working in a company related to it is priceless, that's why I strongly ask you if you can, get experience while you study, in the end it will give you a unmatched plus.
  • Adversities, whatever they may be (economic, social, etc...) will always be there, it is up to you to decide whether to face them or let them crush you.
  • The most important thing that you can obtain in my humble opinion from everything that comes with entering and leaving university are the relationships that you can make, in the future they are the ones that will help you find a job, a partner or even partners for your businesses.

Without anything else to add, just thank you reader for taking these valuable minutes of your time to read this small experience of what was one of the most important stages of my life, I say goodbye and at the same time I encourage you to share your story.

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