My first assignments at my new Tech job

My first assignments at my new Tech job
Photo by Eden Constantino / Unsplash

Recently in the previous post he had indicated how you must act in an interview for a job related to technology, it is my pleasure to inform you that I am already working as an information technology analyst and part of the new things I have learned in this new position are:

  • Obtain a deeper understanding of the company's databases.
  • Learn to run programs developed in Java.
  • The most used commands in Linux to work with servers.
  • Among others that I will continue posting here.

Despite being a role that is not entirely involved with development, the responsibility is high, since it depends on me to manage and give suggestions to teams such as Infrastructure, DBA, Windows Admins/ UNIX, etc..., on how to proceed to resolve any event that is affecting the normal operation of the company.

My first assignment was to automate some changes at the DB level that constantly had to be done manually, thanks to constant research and the use of AI (only for script correction) I have achieved create this procedure. Working on what you like and above all the challenges give incredible satisfaction. Tomorrow one of the seniors will review my script so fingers crossed that everything goes well.

Having only been in this new position for two weeks (IT Analyst), I still don't have enough context and information with which to share with you, but don't worry, the best will come later.